Why I love Japan ?

Jeg snakket med læreren min og lurte på hva jeg burde øve mer på for å forbedre engelsken min. Dermed  ba han meg skrive en teskt om hvorfor jeg elsker Japan.

So here it is(corrected):

Why I love Japan ?

Why I love Japan? Where to start?

Well, I think everything started quite randomly, actually. I have always liked to dress up differently than everyone else and started dressing up in what is known as the gothic/emo style. During this time I searched a lot on the internet to find clothes I could buy online, and got inspired by a lot of pictures I saw on Google Image of Asian people's way of dressing up. And as the time went by I started developing a style inspired by two Japanese styles called Hime and Lolita. Hime means ?Princess? in Japanese and is a style most based on dressing up like a princess or a high class girl. Lolita on the other hand is more complicated. Mostly because there are a lot of different types of Lolita styles like Goth Lolita, Sweet Lolita and Sailor Lolita.

As the Japanese-style-inspired-girl I became, I started to get interested in the origin of these styles. And the more I saw of the Japanese world, the more I fell in love with it. The culture, the different styles of clothing, the people, the country, the food, everything!

It's just something about Japan that grabs my heart and won't let go, and when I actually made a visit Tokyo, the capital of Japan, my love for Japan just got hundred times stronger! Just being able to see everything in real life and actually see that everything was just as I had seen in films, books and Anime was incredible.

So, why do I love Japan? What isn't it to love? The food is so tasty that my mouth waters just thinking about it. Tempura, Sushi and Ramen, do I have to say more? Houses in Japanese style are just so special and exotic. A typical home is so different from our western countries' homes. They never wear shoes inside, never! They sit on the floor, eating. They sleep on the floor and they have sliding doors. I just love it. Of course this kind of home isn't as normal as it was, but they still exist and I want to live in one! Unfortunately, Japan has been very influenced by the western world and all the great things about Japan have started to fade away. For example the typical Japanese houses.

Another thing I love about Japan is the cute stuff they are producing. They make so much adorable things! Cute Animes, cute films, cute Nendoroids(small dolls), cute Kimonos, cute cloths, everything is just so cute! When I was in Tokyo, I went totally bananas. I wanted everything. Not surprisingly I spend almost 3000 pounds there, and that was not included the plane ticket or the accommodation.

Yeah yeah. That was a little about why I love Japan so much. Believe me, there are a lot of things I haven't mentioned, sorry, too short a lesson. Anyway, I hoped you learned a little about why I love this exotic and adorable country.

J = Joyful


P= Perfect


N=No better place!




Q: Liker du Japan?

Har du en by/sted/land du elsker mer enn noe annet ?


PS: Fikk A- på stilen *Stolt*


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28.jan.2010 kl.21:56

Ja, Japan virker kult! :D Spesielt maten, mwihi...og alle de søte tingene :D Men Kina ligger et hakk høyere som min favoritt :D


29.jan.2010 kl.00:42

Jeg savner japan :(

Jonas( du har meg på msn)

29.jan.2010 kl.08:15

Grattis med A- :) Nja, har vel egentlig altid likt japan selv. og kina. Men ikke like mye som deg tror jeg da :) hehe.

ANyways, nice tekst :)

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